Winthrop Symbols


Presidential MedallionIn 1899, Winthrop President David Bancroft Johnson appointed a school committee to counsel a motto for the varsity. ˜Veritas cum Libertate,’ or ˜Reality with Liberty,’ was chosen by the college. The committee then started designing a seal incorporating the brand new motto in addition to parts of the State of South Carolina seal. One picture is dominated by a tall Palmetto tree, which represents the battle fought on June 28, 1776 between defenders of the unfinished fort on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina and the British Fleet. Banded collectively on the Palmetto with the motto “Quis separabit?” (Who Will Separate [Us]?”), are 12 spears that characterize the primary 12 states of the Union. The opposite picture of the seal depicts a girl strolling alongside a shore plagued by weapons. The girl, symbolizing Hope, grasps a department of laurel because the solar rises behind her. Beneath her picture is the phrase “SPES,” or “Hope.” On Could 14, 1900, the college voted unanimously to simply accept the design nonetheless in use because the Winthrop seal.

Presidential Medallion

The Presidential medallion is symbolic of the authority vested within the workplace of president by the governing physique of the College. Solely the college president could put on it, and whereas carrying it, he speaks for the entire physique of the establishment. Winthrop’s medallion is made from bronze and boasts the seal on the entrance.

Coat of Arms

The Winthrop College Coat of Arms, adopted in 1980, incorporates a protect and helm, and the College motto, “Veritas cum Libertate,” which initially appeared on Winthrop’s seal. A diagonal blue line via the protect represents the blue uniforms that had been worn at Winthrop till the Nineteen Fifties. The maroon and gold characterize conventional college colours.

The Mace

The primary maces had been weapon-like staffs utilized in historical Rome to honor heroes and the Aristocracy. Maces later had been used within the courts of England as symbols of authority. Right this moment, maces are related to the American judicial and legislative techniques, in addition to with faculties and universities. The Winthrop mace was designed, produced, and engraved by Alfred Ward, artwork and design professor emeritus. It’s made from silver with detailing of 22K gold overlay. The stem is crafted from African hardwood.



The gonfalon, a flag that hangs from a crosspiece or body, originated within the medieval republics of Italy as an ensign of state or workplace. Gonfalons have been adopted in lots of universities around the globe as school or institutional insignias.

The 4 gonfalons utilized in formal College occasions characterize the 4 educational faculties of Winthrop College: the School of Enterprise Administration, the Richard W. Riley School of Training, Sport, and Human Sciences, the School of Visible and Performing Arts, and the School of Arts and Sciences.


The official Winthrop College ring symbolizes delight and dedication and is a long-lasting memento of the wearer’s Winthrop expertise. The ring’s design captures the College’s distinctive traits and is offered in an oval form. The design consists of the crest portion of the college’s seal and is framed on the prime by the establishment’s identify and its founding yr on the backside. Contained in the ring, the College’s motto is inscribed: “Veritas cum Liberate” or “Reality with Liberty.” It’s customary for the ring to be turned with the crest going through outward on the conclusion of the wearer’s Graduation ceremony.

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