Who Sings ‘If I Only Had A Brain’ In The New University of Phoenix Ad? It’s Super Catchy

The recent debut of the University of Phoenix’s latest ad campaign has caused quite a stir, particularly because of the captivating voice behind the new anthem “If I Only Had A Brain.” This haunting melody, sung by a talented yet mysterious vocalist, has piqued the curiosity of viewers and sparked numerous questions about the identity of the singer.

The campaign seeks to portray the real-life struggles of typical students as they balance their academic pursuits with various responsibilities such as work, family, and other commitments. Instead of targeting potential students, the ad is aimed at motivating current students by recognizing the challenges they face and reassuring them about the value of a University of Phoenix degree in the real world.

This profound message is underscored by the emotional lyrics set to a reimagined rendition of the song “If I Only Had A Brain” from the Wizard of Oz. The lyrics encapsulate the difficulty of managing multiple responsibilities while striving for an advanced degree.

The compelling voice behind this powerful message belongs to Roarke, a talented vocalist and lyricist from We Are Walker, a prominent music content company based in Los Angeles. Roarke’s poignant performance and contribution to the ad’s lyrics have significantly enhanced its impact, forming part of a larger strategy by agency 180LA to reshape the public perception of the University of Phoenix.

The ad has garnered mixed reactions on Twitter, with some praising its anthem and message, while others express skepticism about the campaign’s representation of all degrees as equal. Nevertheless, the ad has generated substantial interest in Roarke and the powerful message delivered by her performance.

The More Than Brains ad campaign has recently commenced nationwide airing and is also available for viewing on YouTube, allowing audiences to experience the impactful delivery of the University of Phoenix’s message through Roarke’s emotive vocals.

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