What you ‘learn’ for $49.99 a month at Andrew Tate’s Hustler University

The lure of success and wealth has always fascinated people, and in the digital age, there is no shortage of individuals and platforms claiming they have the secrets to make you rich. Enter Andrew Tate, a controversial social media influencer and former kickboxer with a penchant for polarizing statements. His brainchild, The Real World, is an online “safe harbor” that promises to teach its members the art of making money in various online fields, for a monthly fee of $49.99.

One such individual, Blake Phillips, a 22-year-old retail worker from Norman, Oklahoma, attests to the value he’s gained as a member of The Real World. Claiming to have “learned a ton of things” from the platform, Phillips is unwavering in his support of Tate and his methods, despite the influencer’s recent entanglement with the law.

Tate’s platform boasts a roster of “professors,” each a purported expert in their respective fields, such as copywriting, crypto investing, and e-commerce. The promise is to equip members with the knowledge and skills to rapidly amass wealth. For Phillips, the revelation of what copywriting truly entails and its potential for significant financial gain was a game-changer, courtesy of one such “professor,” Dylan Madden.

While Tate’s methods and ideologies have sparked widespread debate and criticism, Phillips remains steadfast in his support, echoing Tate’s ethos and touting his positive influence. Phillips firmly believes that Tate advocates for treating women with respect, albeit in a manner that deviates from conventional norms, emphasizing the importance of understanding what individuals truly desire.

The Real World’s allure, however, comes with controversy, with Tate’s own legal battles and the platform’s affiliate marketing program drawing scrutiny. Despite its detractors, the platform continues to draw in new members eager to uncover the secrets behind the digital wealth phenomenon, highlighting the enduring fascination and desire for financial success in the online age.

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