Welcome to Temple University Center City

The Temple University Center City (TUCC) campus can be found at 1515 Market Street, a bustling hub in the heart of Philadelphia. The campus is designed to be easily accessible by various modes of transportation, making it convenient for students, faculty, and visitors to journey to and from the campus.

If you prefer public transit, numerous buses make stops within a single block of the campus, and suburban and commuter rails as well as the PATCO High-Speed Lines from New Jersey have stops within four blocks of the campus. These options offer flexibility for those commuting from different parts of the city and beyond.

Discover the Lay of the Land: Check out the Campus Map to find your way around the campus and surrounding areas.

Getting Around via Public Transportation

For subway travel, the Broad Street Subway with its local and express trains stops at City Hall, while the Market-Frankford Elevated line makes a stop at 15th Street, providing easy access to the campus.

Buses: A range of buses, such as the 4, 16, 17, 33, 38, and 48, make stops within a block of TUCC, ensuring that various neighborhoods are well-connected to the campus location.

SEPTA Regional High-Speed Lines stop at Suburban Station, which is a short walk from the campus. Additionally, the PATCO High-Speed Lines from New Jersey terminate at 15th/16th and Locust Street, just four blocks from the campus, making it easy for those traveling from New Jersey to reach the campus efficiently.

Driving Directions and Parking Information

If you prefer to drive, you’ll find that TUCC has negotiated discounted parking rates at nearby locations, offering added convenience for those who choose to commute by car. Evening and weekend rates are available for students and faculty at select parking facilities within the vicinity of the campus.

Be Cycle Savvy: Bicycle racks are available for students to securely park their bikes on both the 15th Street and plaza sides of the building. While biking to campus can be a great option, remember that bicycles of any kind are not permitted within the building.

Temple University Center City aims to provide a myriad of transportation options and convenient facilities to ensure that getting to and from campus is as seamless as possible for all members of the university community. Whether you prefer public transportation, driving, or biking, there are solutions available to meet your needs while also contributing to a more sustainable and accessible campus environment.

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