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At our university, the Facilities department diligently upholds the official ‘Administrative’ maps of our campus. These detailed maps adhere to the official 4-digit building numbering system adopted by universities in the State University System (SUS). To better serve our students, faculty, and guests, we have introduced an ‘Academic’ version of the map, which utilizes a 3-digit building abbreviation as an identifier. Moreover, we meticulously maintain a comprehensive list of all our buildings across our various locations, categorized by number, name, site, and abbreviation. Access this valuable resource on our web page under ‘Building / Site Lists.’

Should you require a map, we invite you to submit a Map Request.

Discover Your Way Around

  • Main Campus Map 24×36 (Last Updated: August 2021)
  • Main Campus Map 11×17 (Last Updated: August 2021)

Explore Our Satellite Campuses

  • Southwest Campus Map 24×36 (Last Updated: August 2021)
  • Southwest Campus Map 11×17 (Last Updated: September 2021)

Discover Panama City Campus

  • Panama City Campus Map 24×36 (Last Updated: August 2021)
  • Panama City Campus Map 11×17 (Last Updated: August 2021)

All maps can be customized to suit your preferences – with or without parking, colored or grayscale, with or without borders, and more. If you have specific style requirements, please get in touch, and we will be delighted to assist you in creating a layout that meets your needs.

The campus map and its data are collated from diverse sources and are presented as-is. They are continually maintained, corrected, and updated. Florida State University (University) has designed this map solely for illustrative purposes and does not assume any liability for errors, omissions, or positional accuracy. The University does not guarantee the map’s spatial or temporal accuracy or suitability for any particular use. It is not a legal description, and its use for surveying purposes or utility location, or as an authoritative source of information about legal land ownership or public access, is not recommended. Parking details are provided by Transportation and Parking Services. Throughout the year, parking regulations and traffic flow may vary from what is depicted on the map, especially during sporting events and special occasions. The information presented is accurate at the map’s publication time and is subject to change. For inquiries about parking on campus, please contact Transportation and Parking Services at transporation@fsu.edu or call 850/644-5278.

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