University Bulletin 2023-2024: Understanding Student Fees

As a student at the University, understanding the breakdown of fees is crucial to financial planning. While we provide basic fees, it is important to note that personal expenses differ and are not included in this overview. It’s essential to stay informed, as the University reserves the right to adjust fees without prior notice.

Undergraduate Fees

For undergraduate students, fees vary based on the number of credit hours taken. Whether it’s a light load of 8 hours or full steam ahead with 15 or more hours, fees differ accordingly.

Undergraduate Tuition

Hours per Semester In-State Tuition Out-of-State Tuition
0-11 hours $120 $240
12 or more hours $200 $400

Graduate Tuition

Graduate students also experience varying fees based on their credit hours. From 0-5 hours to 6 or more hours, the fees reflect the commitment to higher education.

Registration Fees

There’s also a non-refundable registration fee, which applies to undergraduate students enrolled between 0-14 credit hours each semester. It’s important to note that this fee does not apply to summer courses or graduate students.

College-Specific Fees

Additionally, students taking courses within specific colleges will encounter tailored fees based on their residency and college of study.

College In-State Tuition/hr Out-of-State Tuition/hr
College of Arts and Sciences $374 $748
College of Education and Professional Studies $374 $748

Web Course Credit Hour Rate for Tuition and Fees

For students engaging in web-based learning, the fees for undergraduate and graduate courses vary from the traditional classroom setting, reflecting the evolving landscape of education.

Understanding Estimated Costs

Estimating the costs associated with attending University is instrumental to financial planning. We have included examples of estimated costs for full-time commuting and resident students, covering course fees, registration fees, and additional living expenses.

Departmental and Miscellaneous Fees

For students enrolling in specific courses, departmental fees may apply. There are also miscellaneous fees that can be charged on a semester, yearly, or one-time basis, depending on specific circumstances.

Room and Board

Whether you’re considering residence hall accommodations with a meal plan or alternative living arrangements, understanding room and board costs is pivotal. The University offers various accommodation options, each with its associated costs.

Staying informed and understanding the breakdown of these fees and costs is pivotal to financial planning and ensuring a successful academic journey at the University.

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