Understanding Intercollegiate Athletics at Cleary University

Policy Overview:

Cleary University takes pride in offering a diverse range of intercollegiate athletic opportunities that are tailored to enrich the student experience. However, it is important to note that participation in these activities is a privilege that must be earned and maintained. The university is committed to upholding the academic and eligibility standards set forth by the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA), and Wolverine Hoosier Athletic Association (WHAC).


This policy is applicable to all NAIA, ACHA, and WHAC approved athletic programs, along with their respective coaches, athletes, and program administrators at Cleary University.

Official Declaration:

Cleary University’s intercollegiate athletic program is to be managed in accordance with the regulations and guidelines outlined by the NAIA and Cleary University’s policies.

  • The Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs is tasked with overseeing all activities related to Cleary University’s intercollegiate athletic program. Meanwhile, day-to-day operational decisions are entrusted to the Athletic Director, who has the final say on rules, practices, and administrative procedures within the athletic program.

Recruitment: The Athletic Department’s staff and coaches are responsible for developing and implementing necessary procedures to ensure compliance with NAIA rules and guidelines related to recruitment. These procedures should cover:

• Assessment of recruit eligibility;

• Creation and issuance of a Letter of Intent; and

• Maintenance of records.

Athletic Scholarships: Decisions regarding athletic scholarships are made based on the recommendation of the Athletic Director and head coach. It’s important to understand that an athletic scholarship represents a one-year commitment between Cleary University’s Athletic Department and the student-athlete. This agreement specifies the amount of athletic financial aid the student-athlete will receive in exchange for their participation in an intercollegiate sport, outlining the obligations of both parties following the signing of the agreement.

Scholarship awards are subject to the following conditions:

• The student-athlete must be an admitted and academically eligible student;

• Scholarships are exclusively allocated for tuition expenses; and

• They may not be utilized for housing, transportation, or other fees.

Eligibility: Both current and prospective student-athletes are required to meet the eligibility standards set forth by the NAIA, ACHA, WHAC, and Cleary University in order to partake in intercollegiate athletics. Additionally, students must adhere to Cleary University’s policies and procedures, maintaining good academic standing and compliance with all athletic department regulations.

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