Understanding Graduate Tuition and Associated Costs

If you’re looking to get a comprehensive view of the rates for the 2021-2022 academic year, all the information you need is readily available in the institution’s archives.

Evaluating Costs per Term

For New Students or the First Term

  • Charges for tuition, calculated per credit hour
  • An admissions deposit
  • Student Wellness Fee, determined by full or part-time enrollment
  • A documentation fee
  • Student health insurance fee
  • Subscription fee for specific healthcare-related programs
  • Costs for textbooks
  • Additional fees, as when required, including independent course-related fees

For Returning Students or Subsequent Terms

  • Tuition, calculated per credit hour
  • Student Wellness Fee, based on full- or part-time enrollment
  • Student health insurance fee
  • Subscription fee for students in certain healthcare-related programs
  • Costs for textbooks
  • Additional required fees, such as independent course-related fees, late payment fee, library fine, parking fine, and lost ID fee

In some cases, specific programs have a predetermined cost for the entire program, which is evenly distributed across the semesters, and students aren’t charged on a per-credit-hour basis.

Students should note that some programs are exempt from certain fees based on their campus access. For further details, one can reach out to studentaccounts@ju.edu.

Unless a student has opted out, the student health insurance fee is applicable. Details on opting out are available for those interested.

Certain nursing courses might have additional costs. Students will be informed accordingly by their advisors.

Cost Breakdown for 2023 – 2024

Tuition Fees

Master’s Programs

Listed are the costs per credit hour for various master’s degree programs.

Regular Master’s Programs

  • Applied Business Analytics (Master of Science) – $875
  • Aviation Leadership (Master of Aviation Leadership) – $875
  • Business Administration (Master of Business Administration) – $875
  • And many more…

Executive Master’s Programs

The total program cost is listed for these programs.

  • Business Administration (EMBA) – $46,145

Certificate Programs and Professional Studies

The costs per credit hour for these programs are listed below.

  • Healthcare Quality and Safety (HQS) (Certificate) – $875
  • Instructional Design (Certificates) – $540
  • And more…

Doctoral Programs

The costs per credit hour or complete program for these programs are listed below.

  • Business Administration (Doctorate – no concentration) – $94,500 for the full program (3 years)
  • Juris Doctor – $1,200 per credit hour ($36,000 per year)
  • And more…

Dentistry and Orthodontics Programs

The complete program cost per year is listed for these programs.

  • Residency Program MS Dentistry with Certificate in Orthodontics (Domestic) – $95,000
  • And more…

Subscription Fees

Students in specific programs are charged fees when registering for certain courses.

  • NUR 502 – $2,100
  • NUR 610 – $600

Students in the BSN-to-DNP program are subject to both fees.


Many programs at the university require an enrollment deposit for class registration. These are non-refundable.

For further information on enrollment deposits, contact the Office of Graduate Admissions and Professional Studies at graduateadmissions@ju.edu.

Student Health Insurance

Students not covered by equivalent or superior health insurance must enroll in the University’s Student Health Insurance at a cost of $3644 for 2022-2023. Further insights are available regarding this requirement.

Other Fees and Costs

Textbooks can be procured from any source. The institution’s bookstore offers a book pricing tool.

For additional clarifications, the Student Accounts office can be contacted at studentaccounts@ju.edu.

Various other fees and costs are associated with the university, such as library fines, parking fines, and a late payment fee.

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