Understanding Financial Aid at Mississippi Valley State University

Overview of Tuition and Fees

When it comes to financing your education, Mississippi Valley State University offers a clear approach to budgeting for your degree program. Their tuition model encompasses not just instructional costs, but also covers fees, books, and resources, simplifying the process for students.

Under the Organizational Management program, a graduation fee of $100 is charged at the beginning of the third term, which includes the cost of cap and gown along with the diploma.

Financial Aid Assistance

For help in navigating the financial aid process, the Mississippi Valley State University Financial Aid Office stands ready to guide and educate students on various forms of financial support, ranging from federal and state funds to institutional scholarships and loans.

Eligibility for federal aid requires students to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid annually. The university maintains a policy wherein institutional aid cannot exceed the direct cost of attending college.

To initiate the financial aid application process, prospective students must:

  • Apply for admission to Mississippi Valley State University and the Renaissance Learning Programs
  • Submit an Institutional Aid Application
  • Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) via the Federal Student Aid Programs website

For those seeking employer assistance, options for both full and partial tuition coverage are available. The university also accepts Visa and Mastercard payments for tuition and fees.

Educational Loans and Grants

Mississippi Valley State University shares that apart from federal and state grants, other resources such as veterans’ benefits and educational loan programs are accessible for eligible students. These grants and loans are typically awarded based on financial need and do not require repayment unless otherwise specified.

Materials and Technology

Students at Mississippi Valley State University are provided with convenience when ordering program materials. Through the university’s official bookstore, books and materials are shipped directly to the students’ doorstep, managed by the Program Director.

Technology requirements for the program include a compatible computer with an operating system compatible with Microsoft Office Suite and a broadband Internet connection to facilitate both the accelerated classroom and online-blended programs.

Tuition Payment Structure

Under the standard payment model, the first term’s tuition is due at orientation prior to the first class session. Learners then register for the new term at the last session of the prior term, at which time the second and third term payments are due.

For those requiring flexibility, a pay-as-you-go plan is available, allowing for installment payments distributed at registration, the end of Module 2, and the end of Module 4.

After a closer look at the financial landscape, students at Mississippi Valley State University can chart their course with greater confidence, armed with a more comprehensive understanding of available resources and support.

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