Troubleshooting Enrolling Sims into University

Player: Sims 4 Enthusiast

Platform: Desktop

Language: English

Bug Frequency: Every time (100%)

Game Version:

Expansion Packs: City Living, Discover University, Realm of Magic, Get Famous, Seasons, Cats and Dogs, Laundry day, Get Together, Fitness Stuff, Get to Work, Vampires, Dine Out, Bowling night, Vintage Glamour, Movie Hangout, Romantic Garden, Outdoor Retreat, Spa Day, Cool Kitchen

How to Identify the Bug:

Attempt to drop a sim out of college and use cheat to reenroll.

Symptoms of the Bug:

When attempting to reenroll a dropped sim into college using the cheat, the sim arrives at the appropriate dorm; however, the classes do not appear under the career tab. Instead, the only option available is “Join a career,” which initiates the sim’s expulsion from the university.

Expected Course of Action:

The affected sim’s classes should display under the career tab upon reenrollment.

Custom Modifications:

No custom content or mods are currently installed as they have been removed.

Trigger of the Issue:

The problem emerged after having twin brothers enter college simultaneously. At a point, one of the twins was relocated to an unsatisfactory dorm. Consequently, an attempt to reenroll him using the cheat proved futile, despite employing the “testingcheats true” command. In addition, the player experimented with the repair feature via Origin to no avail. The affected sim possesses an acceptance letter; however, despite numerous efforts to leverage the cheat for reenrollment, the career tab fails to display his classes, leading to the erroneous prompt of “Join a career,” which triggers expulsion. The player is disinclined to continue the game with the twins attending university at different times and is therefore seeking a prompt resolution to the predicament.

Assistance Required!

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