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As the May 1 deadline looms for high school seniors to finalize their college decisions, we reached out to students at the University of Texas at Austin to find out why they chose to attend and gather their reflections on that choice.

Rebecca Dockall, Senior in Radio-Television-Film

Tribune: What influenced your decision to come to UT?

RD: Interestingly, I hail from a family of Aggies, but I ventured to UT due to its renowned film program and the diverse academic environment. The overall value proposition, including education quality and cost, ultimately sealed the deal for me. Hook ’em Horns!

Tribune: Looking back, any regrets?

RD: To be frank, I feel UT could have provided a more substantial educational experience. However, I acknowledge that UT offers resources, but students must proactively pursue them. Despite some initial disparity, I cherish my time here and proudly exclaim, Hook ’em Horns!

Alex Bean, Graduate Student in Cell and Molecular Biology

Tribune: What drew you to UT?

AB: Primarily, the appeal of Austin and the robust scientific research being conducted here. The bustling campus community also resonated with me.

Tribune: How do you feel about your decision?

AB: The perpetual activity and myriad opportunities are exhilarating, albeit occasionally overwhelming.

Victoria Hollingshead, Senior in Chemical Engineering

Tribune: What prompted your choice to attend UT?

VH: It was a straightforward decision. I was lured by the balmy climate, the vibrant city, and the stellar engineering program.

Tribune: What’s your perspective on your decision?

VH: Without a doubt, I believe I made the right call. I’ve formed meaningful connections and relish the experience, save for the absence of a nearby beach!

Robert Ma, Senior in Business Honors and Finance

Tribune: What prompted your selection of UT?

RM: UT’s diverse academic and extracurricular offerings, compared to other universities, made it an ideal environment for self-exploration.

Tribune: Any regrets?

RM: None whatsoever. UT feels like my rightful place, where I’ve found my niche and charted my path.

Toni Cirlos, Senior in International Relations and Global Studies

Tribune: What led you to choose UT?

TS: UT’s diversity, ample resources, and esteemed faculty cemented my decision to attend.

Tribune: Reflections on your choice?

TS: I’m delighted with my decision, especially coming from a smaller high school. Any qualms are minimal, perhaps related to my initial adjustment to academic rigor.

Ajay Srivastava, Freshman in Plan II Honors and Unspecified Business

Tribune: What factors guided your decision to enroll at UT?

AS: UT’s exceptional business school, along with the versatile Plan II program and the blend of a large, diverse community with a close-knit honors program, were key in my decision. The in-state tuition was also a plus.

Tribune: How do you view your decision?

AS: There’s a definite learning curve, transitioning from emphasis on academics to finding a balanced involvement in extracurriculars. It’s a gradual process that I’m navigating.

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