The Location of Clemson University and Other Interesting Facts About the Football Program

If you’ve ever visited Clemson University’s Memorial Stadium, you’ll know that the football Tigers make quite an impression. And it’s no secret that Clemson’s football team has achieved phenomenal success in recent years.

However, not everyone knows exactly where Clemson University is located. Situated in upstate South Carolina, the town of Clemson may not be the most widely recognized, but with the presence of the university and its thriving football program, it’s certainly worthy of a spot on the map.

Where to Find Clemson University

Clemson University is nestled in the town of Clemson, just a stone’s throw from Greenville, South Carolina. It’s fascinating to note that the undergraduate population at the university exceeds the local town’s total residents.

Travel about half an hour southwest, and you’ll arrive in Greenville, the largest nearby city. Continue northeast, and the first major metropolitan area you’ll encounter is Charlotte, North Carolina. On the other hand, a southwest journey from Clemson will eventually lead you to Atlanta.

Fascinating Information about Memorial Stadium, Death Valley, and Howard’s Rock

The renowned Memorial Stadium accommodates 81,500 enthusiastic fans, although this number is being drastically reduced in 2020 due to prevailing COVID-19 protocols.

Originally constructed in 1942 at a cost of $125,000, the stadium has undergone significant expansions over the years, reflecting the football program’s remarkable success. It’s also noteworthy that more than 70 percent of home games have resulted in victories for the Clemson Tigers.

The moniker “Death Valley” has interesting origins, deriving from the stadium’s location in a valley, its proximity to a university cemetery, and the intimidating reputation the Tigers have maintained over the years.

At the top of the hill beyond the east end zone lies Howard’s Rock, a symbolic touchstone. Players touch this rock before taking the field at home games, and it has a fascinating origin as it was gifted to Clemson coach Frank Howard in 1966 from Death Valley, California.

Clemson Football’s National Championship Victories

The Clemson football program boasts an illustrious record, having clinched three national championships in key years:

  • 1981: Undefeated victory against Nebraska in the Orange Bowl led to the Tigers being crowned national champions.
  • 2016: A memorable win over Alabama in the College Football Playoff Final on Jan. 7, 2017, secured another national championship for the Tigers.
  • 2018: With a resounding victory over Alabama in the College Football Playoff Final on Jan. 7, 2019, led by freshman QB Trevor Lawrence, Clemson clinched its third national title.

Meet Dabo Swinney, Clemson Football’s Head Coach

Dabo Swinney is the esteemed head coach of the Clemson University football team. His journey from playing college football at Alabama to coaching has been nothing short of remarkable. Since taking on the role of Clemson’s head coach, Swinney has achieved an impressive record, with several bowl appearances and two national championships to his credit.

Interestingly, he earned the nickname “Dabo” from his older brother, and it stuck throughout his life. To make it even more unforgettable, Swinney reportedly didn’t even know his real name until he was in third grade!

Why Purple Uniforms for Clemson?

Clemson’s official colors include Clemson orange, Regalia purple, and Fort Hill white, which is why the Tigers sometimes sport purple uniforms. Despite their occasional appearances, the team has not historically fared well in these uniforms. However, in 2019, during a resounding victory over Wofford, Clemson broke out the purple uniforms for a memorable game.

The Clemson Tiger Mascot and Pushup Tradition

The Clemson Tiger’s mascot tradition is captivating, featuring both the Clemson Tiger and the Clemson Tiger Cub. When the team scores, the Tiger performs pushups, with the all-time record of 465 pushups in a single game achieved by Ricky Capps. Notably, the career record for pushups is held by Mike Bays, who completed an astonishing 2,216 pushups from 1994-97.

From its location to its football legacy, Clemson University has firmly etched its place in history on and off the field.

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