The Influence of Asbury University’s Revival Reaches Lee University Campus

The spirit of revival ignited at Asbury University continues to ripple out, drawing in more hearts to bask in its fervent flame. Initially sparked at the historic Christian institution in Wilmore, Kentucky, the ongoing resurgence of the Holy Spirit has captivated the campus community, inviting a symphony of worship, testimony, and prayer.

The embers of this awakening have attracted individuals from neighboring colleges, with reports indicating overflow chapels and auditoriums accommodating the swelling crowds at Asbury. The echoes of this spiritual resurgence have also reverberated as far as Lee University, a private Christian college nestled in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Dean Thane Hutcherson Ury’s Facebook post narrates how this revival has beckoned alumni, pastors, and myriad seekers to the Asbury grounds, even prompting buses ferrying students from diverse institutions to join in this divine quest. The influx of visitors from around 24 universities serves as a testament to the magnetic force of this spiritual renaissance.

At Lee University, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit has traversed distance, taking root on the campus. Lee University Campus Pastor Rob Fultz expressed how this awakening has permeated their haven, kindling a profound encounter with God that resonates through their halls, infusing every prayer, worship, and moment of repentance.

Fultz shared glimpses of this spiritual awakening, documenting the relentless pursuit of spiritual revival through heartfelt evening worship, profound moments of deliverance, and the tangible touch of healing. The rippling effects of this revival are palpable, capturing the essence of a community united in pursuit of God’s transcendent presence.

As the fervor of revival intensifies, the resounding proclamation of its arrival spreads across various platforms, marked by a poignant hunger for divine proximity and an unapologetic outpouring of worship: a palpable testament to the transformative power of spiritual revival.

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