The Distinctive Colors of Harvard University

Harvard University proudly boasts its official colors: crimson, black, cool gray, silver, and white. These colors exemplify Harvard’s athletic teams and are displayed prominently in its logos and branding materials. Harvard University, situated in the vibrant city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is famously known for its heated rivalry with the Yale Bulldogs.

Primary Visual Identity

The primary colors, essential to Harvard’s visual identity, are detailed below.

Distinct Pantone Codes

Harvard Crimson’s Pantone colors are PMS 187 U/1807C for crimson, PMS Black 6 C for black, PMS COOL GRAY 8 for cool gray, and PMS COOL GRAY 4 for silver.

Refer to the specific Pantone codes for the Harvard Crimson colors:

  • PMS 187 U/1807C for crimson
  • PMS Black 6 C for black
  • PMS COOL GRAY 8 for cool gray
  • PMS COOL GRAY 4 for silver

Eye-catching HEX Codes

The HEX codes reveal the digital representation of Harvard’s colors, which are as follows:

  • #A41034 for crimson
  • #000000 for black
  • #808285 for cool gray
  • #B6B6B6 for silver

RGB Codes for Vibrancy

The RGB codes showcase the vibrancy of Harvard’s colors:

  • (164, 16, 52) for crimson
  • (0, 0, 0) for black
  • (128, 130, 133) for cool gray
  • (182, 182, 182) for silver

Captivating CMYK Codes

The CMYK codes demonstrate the exquisite blend of Harvard’s colors:

  • (8,100,65,24) for crimson
  • (0,0,0,100) for black
  • (0,1,0,43) for cool gray
  • (0,0,0,30) for silver

Signature Logo Representation

The Harvard Crimson logo is a powerful blend of crimson, black, and white, presenting a profound symbol of the university’s athletic identity.

The logo’s crimson color code: PANTONE – PMS 187 U/1807C, HEX COLOR – #A41034, RGB – (164, 16, 52), CMYK – (08,100,65,24).

The logo’s black color code: HEX COLOR – #000000, RGB – (0,0,0), CMYK – (0,0,0,100).

The Harvard Crimson Logo

Embodying the essence of Harvard’s spirit, the crimson, black, cool gray, and silver hues unite to form the distinctive Harvard Crimson logo, featuring a white letter H on a crimson-colored shield with a bold black outline, symbolizing the university’s legacy and pride.

Captivating Visual Palette

Witness the captivating Harvard Crimson logo colors in a visually stunning image format.

Font Elegance

The Garamond typeface is the chosen font for the Harvard Crimson logo, offering an air of elegance and tradition. This timeless font, created by Claude Garamond in the sixteenth century, is utilized in jersey lettering, player names, numbers, team logos, branding, and merchandise.

Accessible Logo Formats

For your convenience, the Harvard Crimson logo is available in both JPG and PNG formats, ensuring easy access and adaptability.


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