The College Destinations of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” Characters: Fact or Fiction?

In the second season of “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” the characters embrace their college aspirations. Conrad takes on the challenge of a Brown University education. However, he’s not the only one preparing for university life. Both Jeremiah and Steven engage in conversations about college throughout the series.

Steven, for instance, sets his sights on Princeton. How do we know? He mentioned it several times in the show’s second season. Plus, as the valedictorian, he delivered an inspiring speech to his graduating class.

“Life throws unexpected things at you, good and bad, in ways beyond your control, driving you almost to madness,” imparted Steven to fellow students. “It may seem like the world is acting upon you, but remember, you affect the world too, so take action. Make your desires a reality because tomorrow is uncertain, so ensure you are truly living today.”

Amid Conrad’s seemingly enjoyable time at Brown University, he’s confronted with a significant decision — to remain or transfer to Stanford University, a dream born from his late mother, Susannah. At one point in the show, Conrad experiences a panic attack over this pivotal choice. He grapples with staying on the East Coast, near his brother enrolled at the fictional Finch College, seeking solace from his friend, Steven, during the ordeal.

Actor Sean Kaufman, who portrays Steven, shared insights about the panic attack scene with Entertainment Weekly in July 2023. “It was something that resonated deeply with us, especially the discussion on mental health — a topic that is often neglected, particularly concerning young men,” he highlighted.

Christopher Briney, who plays Conrad, expressed his satisfaction with the scene’s outcome, stating, “It’s a beautiful opportunity to delve into their relationship, which is not frequently showcased. Their friendship is referenced and spoken about, and although they are childhood friends, witnessing a moment of mutual trust and Steven having Conrad’s back was truly heartwarming.”

So, where does Conrad ultimately decide to pursue his education? For the full collegiate scoop on all The Summer I Turned Pretty characters, peruse our gallery.

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