‘The bare minimum’: Former Virginia University of Lynchburg coach details issues within football program

Former Virginia University of Lynchburg (VUL) coach Doe Edwards recently shared his experience with the football program, shedding light on what he perceives as troubling issues within the organization. Edwards, who served as a recruiting coordinator and running backs coach for the team during the 2023 season, took to social media to voice his concerns.

According to Edwards, the program, led by head coach and athletic director Tim Newman, promised financial incentives and support that were not delivered. He alleged that players were left to deal with injuries without proper medical assistance, and that the living and travel conditions were subpar. Edwards also pointed out instances of alleged verbal abuse directed at players by Newman.

The former coach highlighted several specific incidents, including the lack of certified trainers, inadequate living conditions, and the imposition of camp fees on players. These alleged issues and more prompted Edwards to create the hashtag #SurvivingVUL as a means of raising awareness.

Edwards also claimed that Newman requested him to continue working without a contract, further adding to his grievances. Newman declined to comment on the allegations when contacted by the media.

Hoping to prevent similar experiences for future coaches and players, Edwards revealed that he initiated the hashtag to draw attention to the situation. As he seeks to spark change within the program, Edwards aims to prevent potential exploitation in the future.

The detailed account by Edwards is a reminder of the importance of ensuring fair and safe environments within sports programs. His efforts to shed light on these alleged issues serve as a call to action for improvements within the VUL football program and the wider collegiate sports community.

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