The Art of Crafting Persuasive Essays for American University 2023-2024

One of the most prevalent essay prompts for American University is the “Why This College?” inquiry. It may seem routine for seasoned applicants, but its simplicity belies its significance. This prompt provides a window for the admissions committee to gauge your affinity for AU and how you plan to maximize the opportunities it offers.

When tackling this question, it’s pivotal to exhibit a genuine connection with AU. This connection can take two forms – tangible and intangible. While the ideal response would establish both, a compelling essay would demonstrate at least a tangible connection.

Creating a tangible connection involves delving into AU’s resources and opportunities. Imagine expressing your passion for international studies and how you aspire to contribute to initiatives addressing conflicts between diverse cultures. This is just one example of establishing a tangible link with AU.

Another facet is expressing an intangible connection. This kind of connection isn’t rooted in tangible resources but instead hinges on the alignment of personal values with those of AU. For instance, if you are deeply committed to environmental conservation, you might appreciate AU’s sustainability initiatives and express this in your response.

Conversely, there are pitfalls to avoid. Namely, avoid mere name-dropping or generic, empty flattery. Shallow compliments or generic statements won’t add heft to your response. However, through conducting thorough research and crafting a genuine, well-thought-out response, you can significantly enhance your application.

Special Program Essay Prompts at American University

Explore the unique essay prompts for AU’s special programs:

  • AU Honors Program
  • Global Scholars Program
  • Lincoln Scholars Program
  • Politics, Policy and Law Scholars Program
  • Public Health Scholars Program
  • Sakura Scholars Program
  • AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

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