Revolutionizing Your College Experience: A Guide to Answering Tough Interview Questions

What can be improved at your college?

Similar interview queries: Are there any aspects of your university that you would like to change? Can you identify areas for improvement at your college? Have you taken any proactive steps to instigate change at your university? What are the drawbacks of your college?

Importance of this question: Interviewers pose this question for three principal motives: 1) to assess your ability to critically evaluate areas for enhancement at your college; 2) to determine if you are proactive and constructive in influencing change; and 3) to gauge whether you are content with the current state or are actively seeking improvements. Expressing extreme dissatisfaction with your college might indicate potential discontent in the workplace.

Best approach to tackle this question: Choose an area with potential for improvement, preferably one where you have actively participated in bringing about positive change.

An example of an exemplary response from seasoned candidates: “During my college years, I was part of the student government. We identified a need for a variety of study areas that catered to different student preferences. After conducting a student survey, we collaborated with the administration to create these versatile study spaces, many of which were implemented during my senior year…”

An example of a strong response for entry-level candidates: “Several capstone classes in my major lacked real-world connections. I collaborated with fellow students and the Department Chair to bring in successful alumni for talks. Initially, these sessions took place outside class hours, but their success led to their integration into the curriculum…”

An example of how not to respond: “I’ve complained about the cafeteria food, but it seems futile. I’ve voiced my dissatisfaction multiple times, but there’s been no change. Eventually, I decided to move off-campus to cook for myself…”

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