Oklahoma State University Celebrates 100 Years of Pistol Pete as Homecoming Theme

October 23, 2023

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Oklahoma State University’s iconic mascot, Pistol Pete, is at the heart of the university’s annual celebration of America’s Greatest Homecoming. This year’s event holds special significance as it marks 100 years since the introduction of the beloved character.

The 2023 homecoming theme, “The Year of the Cowboy,” pays homage to the legacy of Frank “Pistol Pete” Eaton, the inspiration behind the beloved mascot. Eaton’s association with the university dates back to 1923, and his persona as Pistol Pete continues to resonate with fans, alumni, students, and beyond.

The rich tradition of Pistol Pete extends to the Ferguson College of Agriculture, home to numerous alumni who have embodied the character. Balancing academic pursuits with the responsibilities of representing the university as Pistol Pete is no small feat. These student ambassadors make frequent appearances at various events, embodying the spirit of the university.

Former Pete alumni, such as Cale Walker and Matt Ralls, fondly recall their time donning the iconic mascot costume. Their experiences were as much about upholding the values of the university as they were about embodying the character of Pistol Pete.

Current Pete, Caden Schaufele, emphasizes the strong sense of community and support within the Ferguson College of Agriculture, citing it as a defining aspect of his college experience. Serving as Pistol Pete is not just about donning the costume, but about representing the university and leaving a lasting impression on the community.

For these individuals, being chosen to portray Pistol Pete is not just an honor, but a privilege. They form a tight-knit community of Pete alumni, united by their shared experiences and the values they embody as representatives of Oklahoma State University.

The celebration of this cherished tradition is a testament to the enduring spirit and sense of community that defines Oklahoma State University.

Ferguson College of Agriculture Pistol Pete Alumni

  • No. 1: Charles Lester (1958-59) — General Agriculture (Master of Agriculture)
  • No. 3: Curtis Manley (1960-61) — Entomology
  • … (list continues)

The weeklong 2023 homecoming celebration features a range of events, with the Ferguson College of Agriculture Homecoming reception scheduled as a highlight on October 27 at the Charles and Linda Cline Equine Teaching Facility.

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