LA Times Crossword 25 Jan 23, Wednesday

Interesting Clues of the Day


1 The Kama Sutra Exploration: KAMA

The “Kama Sutra” offers us a wealth of information on sexual techniques, but it also includes guidance on various aspects of intimate life, from wooing a partner to marital relationships. It’s often much more than just a sex manual.

5 Charlatans: FRAUDS

Charlatans make false claims regarding their abilities or knowledge. The word originates from the French language and is derived from the Italian term “ciarlatano”, meaning “quack”.

11 It’s Just a Smidgen: TAD

Culinary conventions often refer to a “dash”, “pinch”, and “smidgen” as measures for very small quantities. Some handy measuring spoons define these as 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32 teaspoon, respectively.

14 Classic Camaro: IROC

The IROC-Z is a version of the Camaro that Chevrolet introduced in 1978. Honoring the International Race of Champions, this vehicle commands attention.

19 Deodorant Choice: BAN

Deodorants have come a long way, from the first roll-on deodorant known as Ban, introduced in 1952, to the first aerosol antiperspirant launched in the early sixties, called Right Guard.

21 Brave Bullfighters: MATADORS

Within the bullfighting world, the term “torero” encompasses all bullfighters, while “matador” specifically denotes the bullfighter who completes the final kill. It’s a role deeply rooted in the traditions of this competitive arena.

23 Mia Hamm’s Journey: HAMM

Despite being born with a clubfoot, Mia Hamm carved out an extraordinary soccer career, amassing 158 international goals, a record only surpassed in 2013. Her memoir, “Go for the Goal”, provides a unique glimpse into her remarkable life.

25 Baseball Maneuver: SLID HOME

When a player tries to avoid being tagged by the catcher, sliding home is a common strategy in the sport of baseball.

29 Notable Author: LIA

Francesca Lia Block is a renowned writer of young adult fiction, with her most popular work, the “Dangerous Angels” series, set in the eccentric world of “Shangri-L.A.”

31 Conceited Modesty: HUMBLEBRAG (hiding a rocky “BARGE”)

The term “humblebrag”, coined by Harris Wittels, refers to a boast disguised as modesty, perhaps carefully hiding a boastful “barrage” behind a veil of false modesty.

41 Italian Beauty: SIENA

Siena, a breathtaking city in Tuscany, is home to the stunning Piazza del Campo, a renowned medieval square. Every year, the Palio di Siena, an electrifying bareback horse race, captivates visitors within this historic setting.

42 Enough Already!: NO ONE CARES (hiding a rocky “CANOE”)

The term “canoe” stems from the Carib word “kenu”, transformed into Spanish as “canoa” by Christopher Columbus, and eventually adopted into English as “canoe”.

45 Accomplished Athlete: VON

Von Miller, an American football player, ventured beyond his prowess on the field to establish the Von’s Vision foundation, offering children in the Denver area free eye exams and glasses.

50 Nieve Season: INVIERNO

In Spanish, “invierno” denotes the “temporada con nieve” (snowy season), reminding us that winter often brings a blanket of snow.

56 Melodic Trumpeter: MARSALIS

Wynton Marsalis, a talented trumpeter and composer, made history by becoming the first jazz musician to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 1997.

64 Technology Leader: CIO

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) plays a pivotal role in managing and implementing technological strategies within organizations.

65 Vast Expanse: SAHARA

The name “Sahara”, translating to “greatest desert” in Arabic, accurately describes the sheer size of this desert, stretching across nearly 4 million square miles in Northern Africa.

66 Legal Jotting: IN RE

Originating from Latin, “in re” conveys the concept of “in the matter of”, often used in legal contexts to refer to a specific case or issue.

67 Noteworthy Actor: SAM

Sam Waterston, recognized for his performances on television, has graced our screens with notable roles, including District Attorney Jack McCoy on “Law & Order” and a character in the series “Grace and Frankie”.


1 Unusual Bird: KIWI

The distinctive kiwi bird stands as a unique avian species, notable for its extraordinary sense of smell and peculiar nostril placement at the tip of its elongated beak.

2 Steinbeck’s Classic: ARON

John Steinbeck’s gripping novel “East of Eden” introduces us to the compelling characters of Cal and Aron Trask, evoking the timeless biblical tale of Cain and Abel.

5 Comedic Talents: FEY

Comedian and actress Tina Fey has left an indelible mark on television, most notably with her stint on “Saturday Night Live” and her creation and portrayal of the character Liz Lemon in the sitcom “30 Rock”.

6 Party Organization: RNC

The Republican National Committee (RNC) takes on the critical role of providing leadership and direction to the Republican Party.

7 Musical Vick: ADAMS

Bryan Adams, a Canadian singer-songwriter, has captivated audiences not only with his musical talent but also with his captivating photography.

18 Webmaster’s Language: HTML

As the backbone of most web pages, HyperText Markup Language (HTML) serves as the platform that brings the online world to life.

22 Prominent Emirate: DHABI

Abu Dhabi, one of the prominent Emirates in the United Arab Emirates, plays a pivotal role alongside Dubai, commanding significant influence within the federation.

26 Transformation Tale: SWAN

Hans Christian Andersen’s moving story of “The Ugly Duckling” captivates hearts with its timeless message of transformation and acceptance, perhaps reflecting the author’s own journey.

27 Metric Mass: KILO

The kilogram, equivalent to approximately 2.2 pounds, serves as a fundamental unit of metric mass, playing a crucial role in scientific and everyday contexts.

28 Sushi Ingredient: TUNA

In Japanese culinary traditions, “negitoro” highlights the fatty, flavorful sections of tuna, often paired with the piquancy of green onions.

32 Post-Leap Month: MAR

Following leap day in February, the month of March marks the calendar’s transition, bringing with it a new season of change and growth.

33 Orchard Assistants: BEES

Intriguingly, bees communicate the location of a nectar source to their hive through a captivating waggle dance, signaling the direction and distance of the floral treasure.

35 Anonymous Attribution: ANON

Compiled under the pseudonym “Anonymous”, this abbreviation often serves as the mysterious byline on countless literary works.

38 Insightful Diarist: ANAIS

Anaïs Nin’s thought-provoking journals preserved her profound experiences, desires, and innermost thoughts across six decades, offering a unique lens into her captivating life and emotions.

49 European Neighbor: SERBIA

Serbia, a landlocked country in southeast Europe, holds a significant place alongside Croatia, sharing a border and enriching the region with its unique culture.

51 Gymnastic Icon: NADIA

Nadia Comaneci, a Romanian gymnast, remains celebrated for her extraordinary achievements, securing not only multiple gold medals but also the first perfect score of ten in Olympic gymnastics.

54 Notable Portrayal: OSKAR

Liam Neeson’s impactful portrayal of Oskar Schindler in the iconic film “Schindler’s List” has left an enduring mark, showcasing both Schindler’s profound heroism and the devastation of the Holocaust.

58 Reflective Author: MARA

Mara Wilson, known for her early roles in beloved films, embarked on a literary journey with her poignant memoir, “Where Am I Now?”, offering a glimpse into her unique experiences and growth beyond the spotlight.

59 Step Counter: STEP

The pedometer, an essential tool for runners and walkers, diligently tracks every step, harnessing the Latin term “pes” to measure the distance covered on foot.

63 Fortuitous Twist: HAP

In the bard’s lexicon, “hap” embodies one’s lot in life, encapsulating the capricious nature of fortune and chance, as seen within Shakespeare’s evocative works.

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