Keiser University 2016 – 2017 Tuition and Fees

Understanding the Cost of Education

Keiser University is committed to ensuring that students are well-informed about the expenses associated with their education. It is important for students to understand that tuition and fees are typically charged on a semester basis, with each semester lasting 16 weeks. It’s worth noting that the costs mentioned here are subject to annual review and potential adjustments.

**Initial Fees**
– Application Fee (one-time charge) – $30.00
– Orientation Fee (one-time charge) – $100.00

**Undergraduate Tuition and Fees**
For undergraduate students at Keiser University Flagship Campus, the following tuition and fees apply:
– Tuition for 12 to 18 Credits: $13,028.00 per semester
– Student Fee: $430.00 per semester
– Technology Fee: $185.00 per semester
– Estimated Books: $1,000.00 per semester
– Total Without Housing: $14,643.00 per semester

For students attending over full time (19 to 24 credits per semester), the tuition is $16,285.00. Conversely, for students attending less than half time (0 to 5.99 credits per semester), the tuition is $3,257.00.

**Graduate Tuition and Fees**
For graduate students, the following costs apply:
– Full-Time Tuition: $13,548.00 per semester
– Student Fee: $600.00 per semester
– Technology Fee: $185.00 per semester
– Estimated Books: $800.00 per semester
– Total Without Housing: $15,133.00 per semester

Similar to undergraduate students, the tuition varies for graduate students based on their credit load.

**Housing and Meal Plans**
Keiser University also offers various housing options and meal plans for students living on campus. For instance, single occupancy housing costs $5,720.00 per semester, while a 19 Meals per Week Plan with $150.00 Flex Per Semester is priced at $2,528.00.

**Other Fees**
Additionally, students should be aware of other potential fees, such as car permits, late payment fees, and health insurance charges. These additional costs contribute to the overall expenses associated with attending Keiser University.

It’s crucial for students to note that textbook prices are available on the student portal, and additional charges, such as shipping fees, may apply for students taking online courses.

Keiser University reserves the right to adjust tuition, fees, or any aspect of its programs in ways that it deems beneficial to students or the institution. These adjustments may be implemented without prior notice.

**Financial Planning and Assistance**
To assist students in financial planning, Keiser University offers a Net Price Calculator, helping students estimate their potential costs. It’s important to bear in mind that the estimates provided are subject to change based on individual circumstances and financial aid packages.

In conclusion, understanding the costs associated with attending Keiser University is crucial for effective financial planning. By being well-informed about the tuition, fees, and other potential expenses, students can make sound financial decisions that align with their educational goals.

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