Joint Cooperative Program Between the University of Idaho and Washington State University

Collaborative Initiative Overview

For over five decades, the University of Idaho (U of I) and Washington State University (WSU) have maintained a cooperative relationship, pooling academic resources to enhance the learning experience and promote the exchange of faculty, facilities, and ideas. This partnership has significantly enriched educational opportunities for students and facilitated the pursuit of similar educational missions by both institutions.

Courses offered through this collaboration are available during the fall and spring semesters, fostering an environment where students from both institutions can leverage the unique offerings of each university.

Upon completion of any cooperative course, transcripts are automatically shared between U of I and WSU. This streamlined process allows students’ home institutions to accurately record earned credits. WSU cooperative courses completed by U of I students are recognized as resident credits, contributing to their degree requirements.

Guidelines for University of Idaho Students

Admission and Registration at Washington State University

Students pursuing a degree at the U of I and interested in enrolling in approved WSU cooperative courses should adhere to the following steps:

  1. Discuss course selection with their academic advisor.
  2. Review the available WSU Cooperative Class Schedule.
  3. Submit a WSU Non-Degree Cooperative Admission request form.
  4. Upon acceptance, students will receive communication from WSU, including login credentials.
  5. Complete registration for the chosen WSU cooperative course(s) on My.WSU.

Note: Students are only eligible to register for approved cooperative courses and must comply with all relevant course prerequisites. While continuing to pay tuition to the U of I, students are responsible for any additional course-related fees directly to WSU.

Deadlines and procedures for registration changes will align with WSU regulations.

Financial Considerations

While regular registration fees and tuition are remitted to the U of I, students are responsible for any course-specific fees directly to WSU. The U of I will share this information to ensure students’ enrollment status and financial aid remain unaffected.

Guidelines for Washington State University Students

Admission and Registration at the University of Idaho

WSU students pursuing a degree and wishing to enroll in approved U of I cooperative courses should follow these steps:

  1. Consult with their academic advisor to determine suitable course options.
  2. Review the available UI Cooperative Class Schedule.
  3. Complete the UI Application for Cooperative Admission and submit it to the WSU Registrar’s Office.
  4. Upon acceptance, students will receive admission notification and login credentials from the U of I.
  5. Complete registration for the chosen U of I cooperative course(s) on VandalWeb.

Note: Students can only enroll in approved cooperative courses and must meet all course prerequisites. Any tuition and fees will follow U of I regulations.

Furthermore, U of I will provide WSU students with a VandalMail email account for official communication.

Financial Considerations

Similar to U of I students, WSU students will continue to pay tuition and fees to WSU, but any course-specific fees for cooperative courses must be directed to the U of I. Similar to the cooperation with U of I students, enrollment data will be exchanged between institutions, and students’ financial aid will remain unaffected.

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