Is Chamberlain College of Nursing the Right Choice for You? Unveiling the Real Review from Nurses

Spanning across 15 states with 23 campuses, Chamberlain College offers aspiring nurses a golden ticket for a more accessible and convenient nursing program compared to traditional ones. There’s no waiting list at most sites, and the nursing curriculum can kick off as early as the end of the first year!

Students can achieve a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in just three years of year-round study or even quicker if they possess a bachelor’s degree in another field and can transfer qualifying credits.

One of the pivotal selling points is that Chamberlain College’s BSN program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

By the Numbers

  • Type: Private

  • Tuition: $590-$800 per credit hour

  • Acceptance Rate: 92%, with specific criteria for acceptance including high school graduation proof or GED equivalent, a GPA of 2.8 or higher, and completion of the HESI Admission Assessment (A2) Exam plus additional checks.

  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 90.91% (2020)

  • Application Deadlines: Rolling/programs start three times per year

  • Accreditation: Certified by various accrediting bodies

  • Diversity: Varies by campus, but one known campus in Illinois comprises a student population of 88% women, with a mix of various ethnicities.

This depiction of Chamberlain University is unadulterated, and as such, has not been influenced or altered by any party. Our evaluations are autonomously created, scrutinizing products and services from partner schools and non-partner schools alike.

Contact Information

  • Address, main campus: 500 W Monroe St #28, Chicago, IL 60661

  • Email: Connect via the request form

  • Phone Number: 877-751-5783

  • Social Platforms: Engage through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Additional Facts and Figures

  • Rankings: US News and World Report list Chamberlain University within #661-681

  • Graduation rate: BSN: 45%

  • Student/faculty ratios: Typically stands at 1:10, with variations across campuses

  • Noted Employers: Alumni have landed positions at top firms, indicating the recognition and value of Chamberlain-prepared graduates.

Programs Offered

3-year BSN

  • Tuition: Ranges between $699 and $725 per credit hour

  • Program Length: Can conclude in as little as three years

  • Online Options Available? Yes, coupled with in-person clinical sessions


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