Houston Zoo welcomes 2 cougar cubs, including new mascot, Shasta VII, for University of Houston

The Houston Zoo has exciting news to share – the arrival of two adorable cougar cubs, one of whom will become the seventh live mascot for the University of Houston. The university recently bid farewell to Shasta VI, who passed away from progressive spinal disease, and its companion, Haley, who succumbed to kidney illness. However, a new chapter begins with the arrival of these two new cubs, Shasta VII and Louie, who were discovered in Washington state.

The cubs were found by a rancher and were estimated to be just 4 weeks old, making it unlikely for them to survive on their own. Washington State Fish and Wildlife Services reached out to the Houston Zoo for assistance, and now the cubs have made their way to Texas. The Houston Zoo will keep the public updated on the boys as they settle into their new home, eventually inviting visitors to come see them in their new habitat.

Shasta VII has already exhibited protective behavior towards his smaller brother, Louie, and has shown confidence and calmness as he adjusts to life at the zoo. Previous mascots at the University of Houston have played an essential role in university traditions such as guarding the rings of graduating classes. The partnership between the university and the zoo has also led to various celebrations, including birthday parties for Shasta and live appearances via webcam at UH football games.

As the cubs continue to grow, the community eagerly anticipates the day when Shasta VII and Louie will take their places as ambassadors for the University of Houston, representing the strength and spirit of the cougar.

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