Get the Finest Tips for Managing Parking Tickets

Dealing with a parking ticket can be a real hassle. However, there are steps and strategies you can use to handle the situation without succumbing to the stress of a hefty fine.

Should you receive a parking ticket, you have the opportunity to either pay the fine or contest the citation within the specified time frame, which is usually detailed on the ticket itself.

If you opt to contest the parking ticket, it’s imperative that you take action within the given timeframe. This usually means getting in touch with the office listed on your ticket and presenting your case in person, through a written request, or over the phone.

Following this, an officer will likely initiate an investigation into the situation. If your explanation carries weight, the ticket may be dismissed. However, if the agency refuses to dismiss the ticket, you are entitled to request a hearing, often referred to as an “administrative review.”

To proceed with an administrative review, you must first pay the ticket. If paying upfront is a financial burden, you can ask the agency to waive the request, provided you can demonstrate “verifiable and sustainable proof” of inability to pay.

You may then decide whether to conduct the hearing by mail or in person. During a personal conference, you have the option to bring witnesses who can provide firsthand accounts. Alternatively, written statements signed under penalty of perjury, along with relevant photos, can also be presented.

After the hearing, you will receive the decision via mail or in person. Should the ruling be in your favor, any paid fines will be refunded.

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you have the right to request a new trial for a fee. This request must be made within 30 days of being notified that you are liable for the ticket. It’s important to note that no further appeal is permitted beyond this stage.

By understanding and following these procedures, you can effectively manage a parking ticket situation, minimizing stress and potential financial strain.

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