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Application Questions

Q: Is my application complete?Your freshman application is complete after the receipt of the application with necessary attachments, such as your high school transcript and your FAFSA. You will receive an email granting you access to check the status of your application starting in mid-late November.

Q: How many letters of recommendation do I need? Seton Hall requires two letters of recommendation — one from a guidance counselor and one from a teacher. You may submit additional recommendations if you wish, but it will not affect your application status.

Q: What standardized tests does SHU accept? Seton Hall accepts both the SAT and the ACT, and for the fall 2021 application period, students are given the option of applying for test-optional admission.

Q: How do I get my test scores to SHU?Contact the College Board for SAT scores or ACT and have them send your scores to our office. Seton Hall will accept your scores if they are located on your official high school transcript. Seton Hall’s codes are 2811 for SAT and 2606 for ACT.

Q: What do I need to do if I’ve been home schooled? Home-schooled students are welcome at Seton Hall. You will need to submit your SAT/ACT scores, recommendation forms, essays, and a copy of your transcript or home school record. If a home school record/transcript is not available, a GED may be submitted instead.

General Questions

Q: How many students apply to Seton Hall, and how many are accepted? Seton Hall receives approximately 15,500 applications a year and admits about 9,000 students. The incoming class typically enrolls about 1600 students.

Q: How many students get jobs within six months of graduation? The employment rate of Seton Hall graduates is 92%, and the university has been ranked top 4 in the nation for providing internship opportunities.

Q: Can I have more than one major at Seton Hall? Many students at Seton Hall pursue a double major and a minor or two. The curriculum is designed with many elective courses to allow students to pursue multiple interests.

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