‘Fishing University’ Hosts Were Lured to Mosquito Lake

Luring the “Fishing University” Hosts to Mosquito Lake

The Trumbull County Tourism Bureau recently reeled in a major catch as the renowned “Fishing University” show decided to shoot an episode at Mosquito Lake. The crew and stars of the popular Outdoor Channel television series made their way to Warren, Ohio, for a weekend of filming. Ray Brazier and Charlie Ingram, the show hosts, have been sharing their angling adventures for over 30 years.

Their choice of Mosquito Lake as the filming location wasn’t arbitrary. The 6,500-acre lake had piqued their interest for some time. “We’re always driving across the country, watching for every lake, and if we see one we like we’ll look it up on the internet,” Brazier shared. Social media played a role too, with Ingram discovering impressive fish catches on Mosquito Lake through Facebook. This prompted them to get in touch with Beth Kotwis Carmichael, the executive director of the county tourism agency, who was delighted to secure the show’s visit as it often highlights the areas it features.

While the crew is engaged in shooting the episode, Carmichael is taking the opportunity to showcase the region’s tourist attractions, from Amish country to the National Packard Museum, ensuring the crew experiences the local highlights and flavors. Local fishing enthusiasts have even been enlisted to pilot the camera boat, capturing the show’s hosts in action.

Mosquito Lake’s reputation for bass fishing particularly appealed to the “Fishing University” stars, as the lake hosts numerous bass tournaments. The hosts are excited about sharing their expertise and the intricacies of the sport, emphasizing that fishing is more about skill than luck.

Their outreach extends to local schools, where they typically engage with students about potential career paths in the outdoors. Although the pandemic has created limitations, the show has established a social media contest for high schoolers, offering the winner a four-year scholarship to a prominent fishing college. According to Brazier, numerous colleges in the United States boast competitive fishing teams and provide scholarships to their members.

The adoption of Mosquito Lake as a filming location has not only provided an attractive backdrop for “Fishing University” but has also shone a spotlight on the bountiful angling opportunities and the broader outdoor offerings of Trumbull County, fostering a greater appreciation for the sport and the natural splendor of the region.

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