Fees and Tuition

Costs Tailored to Your Journey: Unveiling Program-Specific Fees for 2023-2024

At Iowa State University, fees and tuition can be as diverse as the many academic pathways available to students. Whether you’re into underwater basket weaving or quantum physics, there’s a specific fee waiting for you. Tuition and fees are decided by the Iowa Board of Regents, State of Iowa, but are subject to change. As you ponder the vast expanse of academic endeavors, remember that fees and tuition aren’t set in stone. They can change without so much as a whisper, so stay alert!

As a student, you only pay the course, program, and incidental fees that directly relate to your chosen path, your interests, or any special needs you may have along the way. This means you won’t be billed for anything you don’t need. Isn’t that great?

If you’re curious about the big picture, you can take a peek at the total cost of attendance through the Office of Student Financial Aid. They hold the keys to the kingdom.

Fee Types and Amounts

In your grand adventure through academia, you may encounter a variety of fees. Let’s take a quick look at the magnificent array of fees that may cross your path.

  • Account Review Fee: A minimum of $10.00 is required to embark on this journey.
  • Additional Billing Statement Fee
  • Applied Music Fees (private instruction): They say music sets the soul on fire – 1 credit for $150 or 2-3 credits for $190. Sweet melody!
  • Career Planning and Placement Services Fee: This fee is tailored by your college based on the optional nature of service costs and the number of resumes, credentials, etc.
  • Continuing Education: Undergraduates pay $375 per credit, while graduates are billed $611.
  • Credit by Exam Fee
  • Deferred Billing Administrative Fee: For those who choose to defer billing – embark on your academic quest now, pay later!
  • Doctoral Post Comprehensive or Prelim (Continuous Registration – Graduate)
  • Graduate College Copyright Fee: Get your academic masterpiece copyrighted for just $55. What a bargain!
  • Health Insurance Fee: For health benefits, visit the Student & Scholar Health Insurance section to discover the treasure that awaits.
  • IEOP Fee: The cost of this gem can be found on the IEOP site. What could it be?
  • Installment Payment Plan Fee
  • International Student Orientation Fee: Ah, the joys of cultural immersion for $120! What an experience!
  • Lakeside Lab Fee: $611 for graduates or undergraduates per credit. Experience the tranquility of learning by the lake.
  • Late Payment Fee
  • Parking Fee: Costs around $155 per academic year. Fear not, for CyRide is available for all current students. How thoughtful!
  • Records and Documents Fee: $250 for degree-seeking students, while non-degree seeking students pay $75.
  • Regents Abroad Fee
  • Reissue Check Fee
  • Returned Check Charge/Returned Direct Debit Fee
  • Senior Fee: The optional fee for seniors – your golden years of academia.
  • Student Course Fee: Applicable fees are listed with the course section in the schedule of classes. Delightful!
  • Sponsored International Student Fee
  • Study Abroad Administrative Fee: $275 for an adventure of a lifetime.
  • Study Abroad Center Fee
  • Thesis Fee (Masters)
  • Thesis Fee (Ph.D.)
  • Transcript Special Handling Fee: For processing official documents, a mere $5. What a service!
  • Transcript/Certification Expedited FedEx Shipping Fee: $20 for domestic shipping or $50 for international shipping. Speedy delivery at your service!
  • Veterinary Medicine Advance Payment Fee
  • Veterinary Medicine Mobile Computing Fee

*Tuition assessment for study abroad credits, up to a maximum of 12 credits, is above and beyond tuition for other courses taken during the same term.

**Refundable fees, except for $50 administrative fee charged to students who rescind their acceptance of admission before May 1. For further enlightenment, the Office of Admissions is at your service.

Fee Glossary

For those who wish to delve deeper into the intricacies of fees, a comprehensive glossary is available to decode the mysterious world of academic expenses.

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