Exploring Universities in Bolivia for International Scholars

Discovering Tertiary Education in Bolivia

Bolivian universities provide a range of academic programs including Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. Degree programs such as Medicine, Architecture, and Theology may be structured differently, with some following an Integrated Master’s approach. Additionally, technical degrees are also offered, enabling students to enter the workforce sooner.

The academic year at Bolivian institutions comprises two semesters, extending from mid-February to early July, and from late July to late November. The CLAR credit system, widely used in Latin American countries, awards 60 credits per academic year.

In Bolivia, contrary to many other nations, gaining admission to private universities is generally easier than to public universities. This is due to the rigorous entrance exams required for public institutions. The application period for higher education generally falls between January 20th and February 17th annually. Admission to institutions of higher education is based on prior academic qualifications and/or credits.

Here are a few notable universities ranked for your consideration:

Rank University Town
1 Greater University of San Simon Cochabamba
2 University of San Andres La Paz
3 Bolivian Catholic University La Paz
4 San Francisco Xavier University Sucre
5 Private University of Santa Cruz de la Sierra Santa Cruz de la Sierra
6 Gabriel René Moreno Autonomous University Santa Cruz de la Sierra
7 Bolivian Private University Cochabamba
8 Valle Private University Cochabamba
9 University of Aquino Bolivia La Paz

RocApply Insight!

Bolivia offers a notably affordable cost of living, with expenses significantly lower than those in many Western countries. Renting a place, for example, is considerably cheaper. Students can opt to reside in the city center for a modest monthly sum. This makes Bolivia an attractive option, often considered one of the most economical countries in Latin America.

Ultimately, students in Bolivia enjoy a range of advantages, including minimal tuition fees, low living costs, straightforward university admission, and the chance to thrive in a diverse, multicultural environment.

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