Exploring Academics at Mount Marty

Discovering Purpose and Passion Beyond the Classroom

At Mount Marty, our students are not just seeking careers; they are on a quest to make a meaningful impact. Whether it’s unraveling forensic science mysteries, paving the way for a nursing career, or delving into the realms of education, Mount Marty equips its students with the tools for success, helping them to find their true calling.

Cultivating Unique Perspectives

Embracing diversity and individuality, a Mount Marty education propels students beyond conventional boundaries, encouraging them to explore inventive solutions to real-world problems. Engaging with dedicated professors and peers, students find themselves immersed in collaborative discussions, navigating fresh outlooks on complex subjects such as healthcare and criminal justice. Through the Benedictine Leadership Institute, students unlock their potential to effect change, venturing into global experiences that shape their leadership and service capabilities.

Nurturing Personal Growth and Career Readiness

With small class sizes and a remarkable 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio, every student receives personalized attention, forging strong mentorship bonds with faculty members. This fosters the development of critical thinking, leadership, and communication skills, empowering students to seamlessly transition into diverse career paths. Notably, 95% of Mount Marty graduates secure employment within six months of graduation.

Integrating Service and Learning

Rooted in the Catholic Benedictine values, community service is intricately woven into the fabric of Mount Marty’s academic environment. This ethos extends to various disciplines, where even accounting students volunteer at the Mount Marty Tax Clinic during tax season.

At Mount Marty, hospitality, and service stand as pillars of the community, embodying a collective commitment to personal and academic excellence. Unified by a spirit of altruism and a willingness to collaborate, students strive to make a difference and embrace diverse perspectives, transcending individual faiths.

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