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Flexible Learning with Cutting-Edge Technology

Formal education no longer requires you to be confined within the four walls of a classroom. The Oklahoma State University (OSU) offers a Bachelor of University Studies degree that can be pursued entirely online. This innovation allows students to personalize their learning journey, fitting quality education seamlessly into their busy schedules. With the latest technology, OSU ensures that the online courses meet the same high standards as traditional on-campus classes.

Canvas, the university’s chosen learning management system, is the hub for all online course materials and activities. Students can engage in lectures, discussions, and submit assignments, all within the digital realm. All it takes is discipline and access to a computer with a reliable internet connection. The dedicated faculty members who teach online courses are the same esteemed professionals who impart knowledge in physical classrooms.

Customized Curriculum for Individual Success

The Bachelor of University Studies program at OSU breaks the mold by allowing students to blend courses from diverse fields to create a curriculum that aligns with their academic and career aspirations. Under the guidance of an advisor, students complete 120 semester hours, including at least 40 upper-division hours. By selecting two or three areas of concentration, students can merge courses from a minor, certificate, or related disciplines that have been approved by the respective department.

For those holding AA, AS, or AAS degrees, previously earned college credits in their major field can be applied towards one area of concentration. The program promises personalized support from an advisor within one of OSU’s esteemed academic colleges.

Your Journey to Admission

Whether you’re a freshman, international student, or seeking readmission, you can find the specific admission requirements on the OSU website. The university welcomes individuals from various educational backgrounds and provides a clear pathway for all prospective students.

For those transferring from another institution, OSU has a dedicated guide to help determine which credits will be accepted, streamlining the transition process. If you’ve completed at least 7 semester hours of college-level credit post-high school graduation, you can apply to OSU as a transfer student.

Financial Flexibility for Pursuing Your Dreams

OSU has embraced a block rate tuition structure for its online undergraduate programs, ensuring that students taking 12-18 credit hours are charged the same rate. This initiative not only streamlines the path to degree completion but also aids students in managing their finances effectively.

Moreover, the university encourages and accepts transfer credits, while also extending scholarships to its undergraduate students. The estimated costs provided for the academic year do not include expenses such as textbooks, exams, or individual course fees. However, with the possibility of in-state tuition rates for non-resident transfer students and the availability of scholarships awarded across various academic colleges, the financial journey becomes more manageable for all students pursuing their dreams at OSU.

For non-resident transfer students with at least 45 earned transfer hours in specific online bachelor’s degree programs – Elementary Education, Nursing-RN to BSN, or University Studies, OSU offers out-of-state waivers to reduce tuition fees to the in-state rate, making education more accessible.

Embracing the changing landscape of education, OSU’s online programs open the doors to a world of possibilities, empowering students to pursue their academic and professional aspirations on their terms.

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