Explore Anderson University’s Student Complaint Processes

Anderson University is committed to upholding a culture of integrity and prioritizing the well-being of its students. The institution has established various avenues for addressing common concerns and complaints brought forth by students, all of which are outlined in the “student complaints” section of the Student Handbook.

Standard Processes for Student Complaints

In its pursuit of continual improvement, Anderson University has designated specific policies and locations for dealing with student grievances across different areas, such as academic integrity, non-academic code of conduct, Title IX issues, financial aid appeals, housing appeals, racial harassment, employment conduct, and more.

Formal Process for Student Complaints

Recognizing the value of student feedback in enhancing institutional effectiveness, Anderson University provides a formal avenue for submitting written complaints that fall outside the scope of existing institutional policies. When using this formal process, students are required to submit their complaints in writing using a designated form, which is then reviewed by the executive assistant to the president. If necessary, a response is provided within five business days, with a copy sent to the executive assistant.

If internal resolution is not feasible, students have the option to file a formal complaint with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.

Formal Complaint Tracking

All formal written complaints meeting specific criteria and deemed substantial are meticulously tracked by the Office of the President. This includes details such as the date of receipt, the involved student(s), the nature of the complaint, the responsible office, the resolution steps, the institution’s final decision, and any external actions taken by the complainant, such as legal proceedings.

Student Complaint Form

For a complaint to be deemed formal, it must be submitted in writing to the office of the president’s assistant within sixty (60) days of the triggering event, using the Formal Student Complaint Form provided.

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