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-Absolute monarchy


-Southwestern Thedas


-Val Royeaux


The Orlesian Empire, or just Orlais is at present the biggest and probably the most highly effective nation in Thedas. It was based by Kordillus Drakon I and its capital is Val Royeaux, which additionally serves because the Chantry’s seat of energy and residential of the Divine. Orlais is dominated by an Emperor or Empress.

Tradition and society:

Orlais is famed for its tradition and extravagance. Drakon’s legacy continues to closely affect Orlesian legal guidelines and social customs.

The capital metropolis is Val Royeaux, which boasts the College of Orlais: a serious heart of studying that pulls younger nobles from throughout Thedas with one of the best schooling one can purchase. The College is a comparatively fashionable establishment, whose liberal-minded professors have already clashed with spiritual conservatives over the content material of their lessons. That is prone to grow to be a a lot bigger problem sooner or later.

The Summerday vacation is especially holy in Orlais. This vacation celebrates the start of summer time and on this present day youngsters who come of age put on white tunics and robes and be part of a procession to the native Chantry. Once they attain it, they’re taught the tasks of being an grownup. It’s celebrated initially of Molioris.

Of their private lives, many Orlesians favor habits equivalent to indulging in alcohol or smoking kohl pipes (kohl is taken into account significantly illicit inside the Circle of Magi). Additionally they are inclined to choose small “toy canine” as companions, versus the hearty Mabari wardogs favored in Ferelden.


Artwork is especially prized in Orlais, and has been a spotlight of Celene’s reign, who has impressed one thing of a cultural renaissance.

Below Celene’s rule, the restrictions on creative expression imposed by the Chantry or the present ruler on theater have been lifted, resulting in a resurgence in recognition. The sphere of theater, and thus the goings-on in certainly one of Orlais’ most prestigious institutions, is an in depth reflection of the political local weather of the nation. Many a social scandal will even discover itself immortalized as a play. Although theatrical works replicate central themes of Orlesian tradition, equivalent to disdain in direction of Fereldens and reverence for Kordilius Drakon, just a few placing contrasts may also be discovered. In a rustic the place The Grand Sport generally is a matter of life and loss of life, a personality’s significance to the play and their gender is clearly outlined by the looks of their masks, an article which as soon as donned, is known to be completely them. Elves have additionally completed nicely within the theaters of Orlais, and usually are not solely allowed to carry principal elements and play people however can even socially progress upon turning into well-known.

Class divide:

Orlais is a nation the place class and social politics steadily rule the day. As such, the considerations and lives of the varied lessons can differ significantly. Among the many the Aristocracy a penchant for top vogue is frequent, usually copied in different lands equivalent to Nevarra and the Free Marches however at all times at its most excessive inside Orlais. Each women and men put on cosmetics of varied sorts, with refined variations that point out social standing. In public, they’re additionally vulnerable to carrying very elaborate masks. These are hereditary and determine one’s household nearly as uniquely because the heraldry on a crest. Servants additionally put on masks in public which are less complicated and never so elaborate as their masters’ which point out the noble family they serve.

The lives of Orlesian the Aristocracy might give the impression that life is straightforward and affluent for all. Nonetheless, the lives of commoners are sometimes rather more troublesome, whereas all aspire to the lives of the noble class. Many Orlesians are hardly well-to-do and work as freeholders, or else laborers on one other’s property, usually resulting in common discontent and simmering resentment. For a category of individuals with little in addition to perception within the Chant of Mild to uplift their lives, this discontent might trigger friction with these seen as having unfair privileges or else upsetting their routine or spiritual beliefs, equivalent to mages.

Moreover, Orlesian commoners are on the mercy of the nation’s wants in a approach that the the Aristocracy, and even the Chantry (together with the Circle of Magi and Templar Order), usually are not. Throughout conflict occasions, press gangs led by the the Aristocracy generally drive Orlesian peasants into army service willingly or no. Those that usually are not conscripted could also be left ravenous by the calls for of the military or else taken as slaves by opportunistic bandits.

Moreover, the chevaliers are allowed nice liberties with commoners, as much as and together with homicide and sexual assault.

The lot of elves in Orlais is exclusive as nicely, even from the frequent lessons. Servitude, (usually bearing little distinction from outlawed slavery), is the existence of many. Nonetheless, regardless of the aesthetic appreciation Orlesians have for elves, and the truth that some can doubtlessly stay extra richly than most commoners, there doesn’t appear to be the hope of social ascendance for them that may be a risk, nonetheless small, for people.


A naked face in Orlais is taken into account gauche, particularly within the presence of a foreigner or a commoner.

The Orlesian the Aristocracy, and people who serve publicly, are vulnerable to carrying very intricate-as opposed to easily gaudy-masks in public. These masks, usually half-masks particularly, are hereditary and determine one’s household and social class nearly as uniquely because the heraldry on a crest: a household is perhaps related to a lion crest, and matching lion masks will determine them in public. Retainers and servants put on an easier type of a household’s masks. Household symbols are well-known among the many Orlesian public, and anybody trying to put on a masks that does not belong to their home runs the danger of a fast loss of life if found.

Sporting make-up is one other standard custom for each women and men in Orlais. Even chevaliers might put on cosmetics. There may be each masculine and female make-up, though outsiders might have bother telling the distinction. Make-up generally is a sturdy indicator of social standing. The standard and rarity of 1’s make-up—unusual hues and consistencies are prized—communicate volumes of 1’s standing.

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