Discovering the Route to Clarion University – Venango


Navigational Instructions

Commencing from the Southern Sector – Pittsburgh Region

* If you are journeying from the eastern suburbs, propel your vehicle on Rt.8 N till you reach Oil City, and then progress following Step 7.

* For individuals navigating from the city, northern, or western suburbs, direct your course towards I-79N to I-80E, aimed at Clarion. Upon reaching the Rt.8 N exit for Franklin/Oil City, adhere to Step 5.

1.Embark on Route 8 N from I-80E.

2.Stay on 8 N heading into Franklin, covering an approximate distance of 15 miles.

3.As you descend a lengthy hill, a blinking red light will come into view.

4.Make a right turn onto Liberty Street (Rts. 62, 8, & 322).

5.Remain on Rts. 8 and 62, traversing through Franklin as they persist along Liberty Street.

6.By adhering to Rts. 8 and 62, execute a left turn onto a four-lane highway leading to Oil City, approximately 8 miles to the north.

7.Once you spot the Electralloy Plant on the right, take a right turn onto the Petroleum Street Bridge (Route 62 N).

8.Cross the bridge, proceed to the second traffic light, and make a right turn onto West First Street. The site of Clarion University – Venango will become visible on the left after covering a distance of about 1.5 miles.

Accessing from the Western Sector via Interstate 80

1.Initiate your journey on Route 8 N from 80 W at the Franklin/Oil City exit.

2.Continue on 8 N traveling into Franklin, approximately 15 miles.

3.Upon reaching the bottom of a lengthy hill, you will encounter a blinking red light.

4.Proceed by making a right turn onto Liberty Street (Rts. 62, 8, & 322).

5.Conform to Steps 5-8, stated above.

Traversing from the Northern Region – Erie Territory

1.Take I-79 S to Meadville, Exit 147, Rt.322 E.

2.Travel along Route 322 East into Franklin and persist while adhering to signs for 322 East, making a left turn when encountering the intersection with Rts. 8 and 62, which represents Liberty Street.

3.Follow Steps 5-8, mentioned earlier.

Progressing from the Northern Zone – Warren-St. Mary’s Locale

1.Trace the trail of Rt. 8 through Titusville towards Oil City, approximately 14 miles.

2.As you approach Oil City, subsequent to passing an Agway store on the right, stay towards the right on bypass Route 8 S.

3.Execute a left turn at the third red light (Route 62 N), situated at the intersection of the Petroleum Street Bridge.

4.Cross the bridge, advance to the second signal, and execute a right turn onto West First Street. Clarion University – Venango materializes on West First Street, approximately 1.5 miles to the left.

Via Interstate 80 from the Eastern Territory

1.Opt for the Shippenville exit, Rt. 66 N (exit 60).

2.Journey on Rt. 66 N to the convergence of Rts. 66 and 322 W (red light).

3.Turn left onto Rt. 322 and continue along 322 W for about 17 miles till you reach Cranberry.

4.Continue straight through the junction on Rt. 322 W, passing the Cranberry Mall on the right and a Wal-Mart Super Center to the left.

5.Continue along 322 W for about 3 miles, descending a substantial hill, where a sign will indicate a right turn leading to Clarion University – Venango. This signifies Deep Hollow Road.

6.Gear up for a right turn onto Deep Hollow Road. Proceed along Deep Hollow Road for an approximate distance of 6 miles.

7.At the four-way stop sign, maintain your trajectory. Deep Hollow Road transforms into West First Street in Oil City. Clarion University – Venango is on the right, positioned 1 mile from the four-way stop sign. It is situated above street level, and the driveway presents a sharp right turn just before a sizable pond.

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