Discover Salisbury University’s Impressive Athletics and Recreational Facilities

If you’re seeking top-notch athletic and recreational facilities, look no further than the esteemed Sea Gull Stadium at Salisbury University. This impressive four-story, 30,000 square-foot space is fully equipped for various sports such as field hockey, football, and lacrosse for both men and women. The stadium proudly introduced a brand new playing surface in 2016 to give athletes an edge on the field.

A picturesque view of the Sea Gull StadiumCapable of accommodating nearly 5,000 supporters, the stadium’s seating ensures an electrifying atmosphere during games and events.

Playing Fields

Salisbury University’s athletic facilities extend beyond the stadium. The university boasts a baseball field with an artificial playing surface, upgraded seating, heated dugouts, and a modern press box. Additionally, the softball field provides permanent seating for 500 fans, enhanced dugouts, batting cages, and a new scoreboard, all surrounded by beautifully landscaped exteriors and an artificial turf outfield for enhanced gameplay.

The SU Soccer Complex is also a highlight, accommodating 500 spectators in the bleachers and surrounded by a fence for an intimate atmosphere. The complex is furnished with a state-of-the-art press box, sound system, and electronic scoreboards, ensuring an engaging experience for fans and players alike.

Maggs Physical Activities Center

For indoor activities, the Maggs Physical Activities Center is a hub of energy and excitement, featuring a main gymnasium that seats over 2,300 fans, complete with a press box, wireless Internet, sound system, and electronic scoreboard. The center is also equipped with modern amenities such as locker rooms, a weight room, fitness center, dance studio, racquetball courts, and a 25-meter pool.

Other Facilities

In addition to these prominent facilities, the university offers various other athletic amenities, including practice fields, an all-weather 400-meter track, lighted intramural turf fields, sand volleyball courts, outdoor and indoor tennis courts with lighted options for nighttime play.

For Spectators

Visitors can enjoy the convenience of a three-level parking garage located on the corner of Wayne Avenue and Bateman Street, providing an additional 850 parking spots to accommodate the crowds during events and games.

About The Salisbury University Sea Gulls

Salisbury University proudly hosts 21 varsity programs competing at the NCAA Division III level. With an impressive track record of 20 team and 24 individual national championships, the university’s athletic facilities amplify the sense of pride and achievement that permeates the campus.

Visual representation of athletic facilities at Salisbury University

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