Debunking the Myth: Free Housing and Straight A’s if Your Roommate Dies

College campuses are often a hotbed for urban legends, and one that has stood the test of time revolves around the idea that if your roommate dies, you could potentially receive free housing, free tuition, or even straight A’s. However, this concept is nothing more than a tall tale with no grounding in reality.

Resident Assistants (RAs) from various residence halls have affirmed that there is no official policy that grants special benefits to students in such a situation. Instead, standard procedures for roommate changes or vacancies would apply, such as choosing a new roommate, covering the vacant space, or being assigned a new roommate.

While the origins of this myth are unknown, its persistence has been notable, even inspiring movies like “Dead Man on Campus” and “Dead Man’s Curve” in 1998. However, the truth remains that there are no formal provisions for extraordinary privileges in the event of a roommate’s passing.

Should a student face the unfortunate scenario of losing a roommate, they would have access to support services and counseling offered by the university. Additionally, professors and hall directors may exercise discretion in providing extensions or assistance on a case-by-case basis.

Instances of roommates passing away are fortunately rare, and as such, any accommodations or support are handled with compassionate understanding. Each hall director may handle the situation in their own way, ensuring that affected students are given the time and support they need to cope with the difficult circumstances.

In the end, the idea of receiving special benefits in such a situation is purely mythical, and the reality is that students are supported through established university resources and support systems.

So, the myth of receiving extraordinary benefits in the event of a roommate’s passing? Consider it officially debunked.

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