Admission Requirements for Howard University

Every higher education institution has its own set of criteria for standardized testing. While some may mandate SAT or ACT scores, others may simply take them into account if they are submitted.

At Howard University, the institution hasn’t explicitly outlined its policy on SAT/ACT requirements. The university has, however, published average SAT or ACT scores, indicating that it may be flexible about test submissions. Typically, such schools advise applicants to submit their scores if they believe they accurately reflect their academic abilities.

Despite this policy, the data reveals that the majority of students still opt to take the SAT or ACT, and most applicants to Howard University do choose to submit their scores. Those who don’t may inadvertently undercut their chances of demonstrating their suitability for admission compared to other candidates. It is therefore advisable to consider taking the SAT or ACT and performing well.

SAT Requirements at Howard University

Although many schools claim to have no SAT score cutoff, there is often an implicit requirement based on the institution’s average score.

At Howard University, the average SAT composite score is 1204 on the 1600 SAT scale, positioning the university as a competitive institution for SAT scores.

Analysis of SAT Scores at Howard University

With the 25th percentile SAT score being 1100 and the 75th percentile SAT score at 1270, it is evident that a score of 1100 places applicants below average, while a score of 1270 elevates them to an above-average status.

Howard University’s SAT Score Choice Policy

Howard University obliges applicants to submit all SAT scores they have ever taken. The institution, however, typically considers the highest score achieved on a single test date. Some schools even go a step further and engage in Superscoring, combining an applicant’s highest section scores across all test dates.

Although certain students may worry about submitting multiple test scores, the general consensus is that 4-6 tests is a reasonable number to submit. Beyond this range, colleges may question an applicant’s study skills and ability to improve.

Therefore, if an applicant’s SAT score is currently below 1270, it is strongly recommended to consider preparing for and retaking the test to maximize their chances of admission.

ACT Requirements at Howard University

Similar to the SAT, Howard University likely does not have a strict ACT cutoff, but low scores may significantly undermine an application’s strength.

With an average ACT score of 25, Howard University is considered moderately competitive for ACT scores. The 25th percentile ACT score stands at 21, while the 75th percentile ACT score is 26. Applicants with a score of 21 or below may encounter challenges in gaining admission.

ACT Score Sending Policy

Unlike the SAT, applicants have control over which ACT scores they send to colleges. This dynamic indicates that applicants have multiple opportunities to improve their ACT scores and should aim for a score of 26 and above for Howard University.

ACT Superscore Policy

While most colleges do not superscore the ACT, and it’s likely that Howard University follows suit. Despite this, applicants should strive to achieve the recommended target ACT score of 26.

Writing Section Requirements for SAT/ACT

It is important to note that the SAT Essay has been discontinued unless taken as part of school-day testing in a few states. The ACT, however, retains its optional essay section. Howard University considers the SAT Essay/ACT Writing section to be optional and may not weigh it as heavily in their admissions considerations.

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