Academic Fashion: A Look Into Student Style by Degree

Do you ever wonder what your classmates wear to lectures based on their area of study? Let’s take a peek at the distinct styles that various degree programs tend to sport at universities across the country.


It’s a common sight to see architecture students carrying two cups of coffee to keep their energy levels up as they burn the midnight oil putting together their intricate designs. Their attire typically includes well-worn jeans, a slightly disheveled jumper, and you can’t miss the pencils peeping out of their pockets.


The art students are often easy to spot, thanks to their unapologetic self-expression. They might rock a denim dungaree dress with a boldly colored, striped top and a trusty portfolio under their arm. Unique hairstyles and a penchant for Dr. Martens are also common.

Business Management

For the girls, a classic black ensemble with meticulous attention to detail reigns supreme. Meanwhile, the guys opt for the comfort of their sports team’s attire, complete with an obligatory protein bottle and tech essentials.


You’ll notice the English students toting a nondescript shoulder bag brimming with classic novels to amplify their literary mystique. Their fashion choices often lean towards oversized knits, paired with skirts and timeless Chelsea boots.


This bunch opts for a relaxed, travel-inspired look, favoring jeans, a casual shirt, and comfortable espadrilles or clean white sneakers. They might even flaunt some well-worn, color-filled maps as a nod to their love for exploration.


The psychology cohort exudes effortless style, with the ladies donning chic bardot tops and high-waisted jeans, while the gentlemen effortlessly pull off a laid-back, yet cool vibe with their dark denim and cult-favorite Vans.


Fashion students often embody the latest trends, showcasing a fearless affinity for vibrant fur coats, MOM jeans (perhaps with fishnet tights peeping through), and an insatiable thirst for unique, oversized garments.


Melding classic and timeless, history students channel an academic charm with chinos, knitted sweaters, and vintage-inspired glasses that add a touch of scholarly sophistication to their ensemble.

PR and Media

PR and Media students embrace an effortlessly cool aesthetic, often flaunting last night’s outfit or sporting a laid-back, urban-inspired look with a hint of ’90s flair.


The future legal minds exude a polished, preppy charm in their carefully coordinated ensembles. Shirts, sweaters, and pleated skirts are common attire, showcasing a blend of professionalism and individual style.


Spotting a medical student is nearly effortless, as they blend academic attire with a hint of exhaustion. Study-focused medics opt for reliable comfort, often donning jeans paired with their trusted university hoodie. The more adventurous among them might even show up after a raucous toga party.


Theater students often prioritize comfort, favoring gym leggings and loose-fitting t-shirts to allow unrestricted movement and expression during their active lectures.


Having returned from a year abroad, language students might struggle to find a perfect fit in the local fashion scene. Nevertheless, their unique perspective and experiences add depth to their personal style.

Sports Students

Expect to see sports students proudly donning their team’s colors, choosing comfort and practicality as they gear up for both classes and training sessions.


Zoology enthusiasts proudly display their passion for animals through t-shirts showcasing volunteering experiences and wildlife. Their relaxed and easygoing fashion sense reflects their laid-back, animal-loving personas.

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